Written by  - Saturday, 06 February 2021

There are SAIGONTEL employees who have made spring of love!

When launching the charity program, SAIGONTEL prepared 1,000 Tet gifts for the poor housholds. In which, SAIGONTEL extracted 141 gifts for employees in the company to take advantage to give to those in difficult circumstances that they know.

Accordingly, the Communications Department has called on the staffs at Hochiminh City to carry out activities "Doing good things on Tet- Don't be afraid of hard work" to encourage employees to do charity and share photos of giving gifts.

It must be the person who synthesizes all these images as well as listens to the joys and sorrows when giving Tet gifts to the poor, for the Communication Department to feel the warm heart of the staff wearing the colors of SAIGONTEL.




Be proud of SAIGONTEL employees for making a beautiful spring!

This is a review of meaningful volunteering moments that SAIGONTEL employees themselves have created. Thanks for staffs:

+ Ms. Thach Thi Bich Hanh - ICT

+ Ms. Le Hoang Yen - Administration Department

+ Ms. Le Vu To Uyen - Administration Department

+ Ms. Nguyen Thi Thai Binh - Administration Department

+ Ms. Tran Tieu My - Administration Department

+ Mr. Phan Nguyen Long Ho - Administration Department

+ Ms. Le Thi Cam Huong - Legal Department

+ Ms. Tran Nguyen Kim Hang - Accounting Department

Your hearts will spread the human spirit of SAIGONTEL everywhere.

Communication Department.

Strategic Partnership