SAIGONTEL: The net profit was VND 61 billion in Q4

Written by  - Thursday, 16 February 2017

For the whole year 2016, Saigontel (SGT) reached nearly 70 billion dong EAT higher than the same period last year, but this is not audited.

Saigon Telecommunication and Technology Corporation (SGT) has announced its Q4 / 2012 financial statements.

As a result, net sales came to VND370 billion, up 29% compared with last year while cost of goods sold increased by nearly 8%, helping the company's gross profit margin of VND118 billion, double that of the same period last year.

After deducting expenses, SGT net profit was up to 60.8 billion dong, up by 3.4 times in the same period last year. According to the explanation from the company, the reason for the increase in profit was due to the company's strong trading activities and the Bac Ninh Branch also increased its revenue from land sales and factory rent at the end of the year. 2016, besides the subsidiary has been operating stable after nearly 2 years of establishment has also generated a large profit for the company.
For the whole year of 2016, SGT achieved net sales of VND72.3 billion, up 34% y / y and 61% of the plan. Net profit increased 3 times, reached nearly 70 billion, fulfilled the target set. As reported, SGT's net profit fell 84% after auditing, from VND23.4bn to VND3.8bn as a series of adjustments were significantly higher than pre-audit report.
Saigontel (SGT): Lãi ròng đột biến 61 tỷ đồng trong quý 4 (1)
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