MOU signing ceremony between SAIGONTEL and FJCT - the largest transport group in Fujian Province

Written by  - Tuesday, 19 September 2017

In the framework of the conference, Saigon Telecommunication & Technologies Corporation (SAIGONTEL), Vietnam has signed MOU with Fujian Transportation Group Co., Ltd (FJCT), China .

At 16:00 on 18/9/2017, workshop with enterprises of Fujian Province, China was held at the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam - 65 Van Mieu. In the framework of the conference, Saigon Telecommunication Technology Corporation (SAIGONTEL), Vietnam has signed memorandum of cooperation with Fujian Group Co., Ltd (FJCT), China.

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SAIGONTEL has signed Memorandum of Understanding with FJCT. Photo: Communication Department

The conference was held with the aim of introducing and connecting large enterprises of Vietnam and Fujian Province, China. The conference was chaired by the Foreign Investment Department under the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam. Attending the conference were representatives of the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam Mr. Do Nhat Hoang - Director of the Foreign Investment Department; Mr. Luong Kien Dung, General Secretary, Provincial Standing Committee of Fujian Province and Mr. Hoang Duc Tri - Vice Director of Fujian Provincial Trade Department delivered the opening speech, together with more than 10 enterprises the largest in Fujian Province and 10 large enterprises in Vietnam representing the fields of industrial production, logistics, real estate and architecture, services ...In the framework of the seminar, the signing of four cooperation projects between two companies, including cooperation between Saigon Telecommunication Technology Corporation and Transport Group Company Limited download Fujian.After exchanging and negotiating, Fujian Transport and Communications Corporation and Saigon Telecommunication and Technologies Corporation came to unification and decided to cooperate in the fields of:·        

  • Cooperation in the field of transportation, logistics, warehousing·        
  • Collaborate on database development, set up big data·        
  • Cooperative Education and Training·        
  • Technical cooperation and exchange of project investment information in Vietnam and Fujian.


Party celebrated the signing ceremony between SAIGONTEL and FJCT.Picture: Communication Division

Fujian Transport Transportation Group Co., Ltd is known as the Chinese government-invested corporation, head of Fujian in the field of transportation, port services and port services, under Top 500 largest enterprises in China. So far, the total investment of the Group is $ 6 billion. In 2016, the Group's revenue reached $ 1.9 billion, profit of $ 90 million. The Group has 22 member companies operating mainly in the fields of logistics, transportation, tourism, shipping, medicine, functional foods, credit, and other professions such as: trade, investment, technology ... With the strength of Fujian province is coastal China with 3300 km coastline, the Group has invested and developed the field of transport and port services in 7 major ports Fujian include: Jiujiang Port, Ningde Port, Fuzhou Port, Putian Port, Meizhou Wan Port, Quanzhou Port, Xiamen Port.

MOU signing ceremony between SAIGONTEL and FJCT has been held successfully under the witness and protection of investment policies of the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam and the Department of Commerce of Fujian Province.

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