Opening of petrol station SAIGONTEL joint venture with PVOIL

Written by  - Monday, 27 November 2017

On November 27, 2017, Saigon Telecommunication & Technologies Corporation (SAIGONTEL) and PetroVietnam Oil Corporation (PVOIL) held Opening ceremony of petrol station Dai Dong Hoan Son Petrol Station - Tien Du District, Bac Ninh Province. This is the result of cooperation between SAIGONTEL and PVOIL. The opening ceremony was received the attention and attendance of leaders of the province, departments and enterprises operating in Dai Dong Hoan Son Industrial Park. In the past years, SAIGONTEL has focused on building the model of cooperation with big partners to provide closed services for big customers are enterprises and workers in industrial zones; Accordingly, petroleum is one of the essential products selected for priority and first development.

The difference of the petrol station models that SAIGONTEL and PVOIL are aiming at is not only retailing, but also targeting customers in the industrial zone, transportation companies, and providing solutions. Purchasing with petrol card makes it easy for businesses to manage their fuel consumption and save resources for monthly monitoring. The technology used to develop the SAIGONTEL petrol card system was developed by Hottab Technology, a provider of supply chain management solutions from suppliers, chains, stores to end users to increase The ability to manage a closed chain of a business unit. Hottab's current clients include: Paradise Cruise - Halong Bay, Labadiene, Lippo Group, one of the largest corporations in Indonesia. 

SAIGONTEL One-Member Company Limited (SME)  is a member unit trusted and authorized by the parent company for the operation, exploitation and development of the petrol station model in association with the first industrial park in Dai Dong Hoan Son Industrial Park. In the forthcoming orientation, SAIGONTEL will expand the model to all industrial parks under SGI Group on the advantage of being the owner and manager of the largest number of industrial parks in Vietnam.

PVOIL is a major petroleum trading unit, accounting for 22% of the domestic market share. Recently, PVOIL aims to build and develop a reputable petroleum trading brand with a chain of production and processing systems for petroleum and petroleum imports. warehouse system throughout the country; petroleum transportation; distributing petroleum to distributors, general agents, agents and directly reselling at 540 petrol stores owned in provinces and cities nationwide. At the same time, PVOIL is the pioneer in producing and trading E5 biofuel since 2010 and is ready to do business on E5 biofuel since 01/01/2018.

Dai Dong Hoan Son petrol station was built on an area of ​​1,120 m2 and invested under PVOIL brand standards, located in the land of SAIGONTEL service center, is the area with traffic junction connecting industrial zone and residential areas, convenient for vehicles entering and leaving. The system of modern equipment ensures high accuracy, including 06 pump head, the tank is equipped with automation system with a total capacity of 75 m3, connecting AGAS tank-pumping sales; alarm system, surveillance camera service.

Main products are RON 92, RON 95, Diezel 0,05S and other associated services, with modern equipment and safety standards in the process of importing and selling. and convenient for vehicles to purchase. SAIGONTEL and PVOIL set the goal of controlling the quality, implementing commercial civilization, well implementing fire prevention and fighting, protecting the environment, implementing regulations and ensuring the security and order in the area.

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