Written by  - Tuesday, 12 September 2023

As part of the Investment Promotion in Japan in September 2023, Saigontel keep a role as the investment promotion agency of Long An province; with the connection, Saigontel successfully organized a meeting between Mr. Keiichiro Asao - Member of the Japanese Lower House and the delegation from Long An province.

On the Long An province side, the delegation was led by Mr. Nguyễn Văn Út - Chairman of Long An People Committe, along with leaders of various local departments and agencies. Accompanying the delegation was Ms. Nguyen Cam Phuong - General manager of Saigon Telecommunication & Technologies Corporation (SAIGONTEL). All meetings within the framework of the program were held at the Japanese Lower House; It is an office under National Diet Building which is a high-level government office that is not easily accessible to both Japanese citizens and Japanese businesses.


At the meeting, both parties shared information about the current economic, educational, and infrastructure situations in their respective regions. They also discussed the directions for developing each of career. Mr. Keiichiro Asao expressed particular interest in education, which is considered a core element in a nation's development.

In the meeting, Mr. Keiichiro Asao shared his perspectives on economic and educational development: "Aiming for a society where everyone can face as many challenges as they wish (Supporting those who accept challenges and keeping the economy growing; Expanding abroad attractive Japanese products, technologies, and agricultural products; Artificial photosynthesis, etc. We will support the use of new technologies that do not yet exist in the world; Enhancing inward-focused strategies, increasing the number of tourists to Japan, and revitalizing the domestic consumption market; raising the minimum wage and reviving the economy...). Additionaly, we will support childcare and aim for a Japan filled with children's smiles (Expanding childcare support to address the population issue, which is a factor hindering economic growth; Developing a work system that allows employees to face multiple challenges even when leaving their workplace to have or raise children; Developing core cities across the country and creating an educational environment where all children can seize opportunities...).

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After the meeting with Mr. Keiichiro Asao, by Saigontel's connections, the Long An delegation worked with Japanese companies in multiple fields such as education, IoT technology, advanced agriculture technology, logistics 4.0, import and distribution of seafood, local agricultural products, etc. Different industry groups worked separately with representatives from relevant government departments to achieve the highest efficiency.

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