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On March 2nd , 2021, Long An People's Committee organized a ceremony to sign a consulting contract for the formulation of provincial socio-economic development planning for the period of 2021-2030 (with a vision to 2050) with a leading consulting unit - McKinsey & Company Vietnam Co., Ltd and the sponsor ‘s representative- Saigon Telecommunication & Technologies Corporation (SAIGONTEL).

Representatives attending the signing ceremony of Long An province were Mr. Nguyen Van Duoc - Provincial Party Committee Secretary of Long An province; Mr. Nguyen Van Ut - Chairman of Long An Province People's Committee; representatives of leaders of provincial departments such as: Planning and Investment, Natural Resources and Environment; Construction, Finance; Industry and Trade, Transport and Head of Provincial Economic Zone Management Board. Sponsor’s representative include: Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Thanh - Vice Chairman of SAIGONTEL and Northwest Saigon City Development Corporation (SCD); Ms. Nguyen Cam Phuong – General Director of SAIGONTEL; Mr. Brook Colin Taylor - CEO of VinaCapital Group. Representative of the consulting unit: Mr. Macro Breu – Partnership Director of McKinsey Company; Mr. Marcin Miller – General Director of McKinsey Company and representatives of Company’s leaders.


Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Van Ut, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee highly appreciated the spirit of cooperation and acknowledged the cooperation and help of the sponsor - SAIGONTEL and the efforts of the provincial departments to come to a consensus on signing the contract today. The Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee hoped that the contract of commitment between the three parties will be implemented quickly, smoothly and with high efficiency.


Through the negotiation process, the leaders of Long An province have come to an agreement on the terms of cooperation in the implementation of the Master Plan and urged the completion of the report within 9 months from the date the contract was officially implemented. The content of the planning report closely follows the guidelines and orientations of the Prime Minister, complies with Vietnamese laws and ensures efficiency and high quality.



Also at the signing ceremony, Mr. Marco Breu, founding partnership director of McKinsey Company, expressed his gratitude to the leaders of Long An province, agencies, departments, branches in the province, SAIGONTEL and sponsors for their trust, selected the Company as a consultant to carry out the important planning of the province. At the same time affirming, McKinsey Company will quickly start implementing the works under the signed contract in the fastest way and with the highest efficiency.

Planning for Long An province in the period of 2021 - 2030, with a vision to 2025 is one of the key tasks of the province in order to realize the vision and goals of socio-economic development and life quality improvement and contribute to the overall development of the country. The cooperation with sponsors and selection of the world's leading McKinsey consultant is an affirmation of the importance and determination of provincial leaders to build and develop Long An sustainably, striving to bring Long An has become an "ideal destination" to attract FDI in the southern region.


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